Grass cutting

Whether its your hallowed 1st team pitch or your garden lawn, we have the right mower for the job. We undertake high spec. sports surface mowing using cylinder mowers, across the range to robust rotary and strimming budget work.

Mowing includes preparing surfaces for a wide range of sporting facilities such as cricket, golf , bowls, football rugby etc all with the utmost care and attention to detail that produces the “pitch perfect” standard we set ourselves.

Amenity mowing is undertaken to suit councils, supermarkets, hotels, housing associations, government property to a frequency and budget to suit. Our machinery is regulary serviced, and is all sharpened in house and operated by experienced trained staff

Hedge trimming and shrub care

Careful trimming and shrub work is undertaken with the utmost care for the appearance of a site as well as the wildlife it harbours.

Chainsaw work

Tree surgery or any other clearance work is undertaken by skilled qualified operatives, ensuring the highest safety requirements are followed

SprayingHigh Ground Spraying

See a huge improvement in your grass by simply removing the weeds in it! We offer boom spraying, pedestrian spraying, knapsack spraying and cda application on all types of surfaces for weed or pest control.

Line marking

Using a laser guided line marker, we can mark out pitches, tracks etc to with a line that cant be straighter! This machine can also cope with hard surface markings for playgrounds, tennis courts, netball courts as well as car parks. We also install thermoplastic lines and shapes as well as budget aerosol marking


Ground aeration is possibly one of the most important operations you should undertake to enhance the quality of your surface by relieving compaction and getting air into the root system as well as helping the drainage .Wether its your lawn, field , pitch or whatever, we have a variety of machines to suit, from a traditional vertidrain to a Toro procore which is the most advanced aeration machine on the market. We can offer “one off” operations or a season long programme to suit.


Using a Blec discseeder, reseeding worn out areas produces unrecognisable repair work. A very high germination rate is achieved as this machine burries the seed to the optimum depth for germination. See thousands of lines of fresh grass seeds germinating a couple of weeks after drilling! We also use a veriseeder where a topdressing is going to be applied.

Fraize mowing (koroing)

A specialist machine used for creating the flattest of surfaces whatever the requirement


We can construct many features for your playground or garden, designing or following your ideas and plans

Servicing and sharpening

Keep your mowers going and cutting properly . Cylinder and bottom blade sharpening is a speciality  .